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Salisbury Academy For Boys

Salisbury is the top private school for boys in the state of NY. It's sofisticated, traditional, and modern at the same time. The boys here are the sons of some of the most powerful people in America and the world. They're rich, they're gorgeous, they're powerful and they know it.
Some of them have better rooms and have the administration look the other way at most of their infractions, due to the massive amount of donations these boys' parents had given to the school.
Their ultimate purpose should be going to college. But that seems to be the last thing in most of these boys' minds, for they spent most of their time thinking about where is the best place to hide vodka or the next week's party. But yet, their favorite thing to do is to gossip. Talking about anyone and everyone is what fuels these kids, as well as their Luis Vuitton notebook bags and closets filled with famous names.
So join us and see what it's like to be powerful, beautiful, rich and above all sexy.
AU Private High School Slash RP Comm. We accept musicians, actors, models, e-celebs, PBs, OCs, Fictional Chars (from movies, series, books, etc)

Shannon and Jared Leto
Spencer Bergen
Mikey Way
Tom and Bill Kaulitz
Matt Mixon
Johnny Christ
Andy "The Butcher" Mrotek
Ville Valo
James Hart

Anyone else you want

school comm - salisbury_rp  - Taken/wanted/held
college comm - salisbury_collg  - Taken/Wanted/Held

Important Links

Rules || School Setting || School Rules || Character List and Information || Student and Teacher Applications

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