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Club Generation

Situated in the heart of the underground scene of Chicago, the Club attracts a variety of patrons, from those who give everything they do everything they have, and then those select few who don't have a problem skirting the law. Even with a capacity of about five hundred people, Club Generation isn't often full. None of the bands that play there are big enough to pull that kind of crowd, yet. A venue for aspiring young artists, A&R reps aren't usually strangers to Club Gen. Along with its well known Battle of the Bands concert, no seat is ever a bad one.

High class, low morals. Despite the up-beat name, Club Generation is riddled with dealers, junkies, and all the up-and-coming or washed up artists you could ask for. Legally, it's a place for grown-ups, a 21+ type of joint, but the security is lenient if your ID is convincing enough. Or, if you have something of value to offer.
All this and two owners that can't seem to get it together, always at each other throats (literally and figuratively), sordid tales of romance and infidelities circulate about Club Generation's inner circle, a type of thing that's only in style. So come on down. Pull up a chair, have a drink and enjoy the show. But always remember, watch your back because you never know who's lurking around the corner.

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