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The One Agency RPG.

Welcome to The One Agency RPG, an advanced AU slash role play game set around the sordid, sexy and supernatural talent agents The One Agency, a fictional company overflowing with the drama of a world-renowned business, the glitz of celebrity, the filth of over-active hormones and the fear of the unknown.

Whether you play a star or a businessman, a mortal or a monster, victim or hunter, you're sure to discover more than you bargained for within the walls of the agency. It's a game constantly unfolding, providing both Thread and AIM play, as well as a whole wealth of interactive features, including a community specifically intended for use as an email server, and a secrets system that's sure to uncover even the dirtiest of lies. Your character will work their way through the universe, and you'll discover along with them all the tales The Boss is hiding, through short exerts placed upon the roleplay journal.

If you're after more than a simple game... if you want the glitter and intrigue smothered in the dirt and the terror... if you want a story, somewhere that will take over your mind as a beast takes over theirs... then look no further, and apply today.

-- Game Premise. -- Taken / Wanted / Held. --

+ 42 active, friendly, phenomenally talent members.
+ Organised base.
+ 'Secret' feature.
+ Email server feature.
+ Possibility to roleplay across both AIM and thread.

Desperately wanted for SLs:

Shannon Leto.
Whiplasher of Deathstars.
Jacoby Shaddix.
Branden Schieppati.
James Hart.
Fall Out Boy - Peter and Patrick.

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