That posh bird who gets everything wrong (fluxy_2535) wrote in drivethruslash,
That posh bird who gets everything wrong

Pairing: Forrest/Chris (Hellogoodbye)

Summary: A little drunken fluff between two of the hellogoodbye boys.

Author's Notes Don't ask me where this idea came from. I have no clue. And I didn't really know how to end it, so the ending isn't really that great. Sorry.

Rating: R/NC-17. Somewhere around there.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone mentioned.

"Fooooooorrrrreeeesssstttt..." Chris whines as you buckle him into the passenger seat of your car, "Why'd you take me away? We were gonna start playing beer pong!"

You just roll your eyes and get into the drivers side, starting up the engine and maneuvering on to the street.

"Because, sweetheart," you start to explain once your finally out of the blocked street, "Jesse's parties always get broken up before 1 a.m. And your the youngest out of any of us, so you'd get busted the worst."

The car is quiet for a few moments, as Chris seems to think things over. Or at least attempts to do so.

"Fooooorrrrrreeeeeessssstttttt..." He whines again, causing you to roll your eyes at him. Honestly, you love the kid, but when he's drunk he's almost unbearable.

"Shush you." You tell him, leaning over to kiss his forehead. He sighs, and you know that he's given up on trying to fight you.

Chris leans back against the seat, resting his head and closing his eyes as you look back on the road. You think he's asleep, which is a good thing. It'll be easier to drag his drunk ass into your apartment and get him into your bed so you can go to sleep without him groping you.

Your shocked when his lips attach themselves to your neck and his arm goes around your waist. You fight back a moan as his hand finds it's way up your shirt and rubs your nipple and he bites down on your neck.

"Chris," You whisper," Chris, we're- we're back..."

He straddles your hips and kisses you on the lips softly, rocking his hips into yours. You know he feels the bulge in your pants when he smiles at you and nuzzles his face in your neck. He opens your car door and slides off your lap, grabbing you by the arm and dragging you into the building. You both run up the stairs to get to your apartment, stopping only when Chris tripped and nearly fell down the stairs.

Once you manage to open the door Chris presses you against the wall, attacking your mouth and tugging at your belt. You kiss him back softly, working on his shirt buttons with your shaking hands. Your lips move down to his jaw and on to his neck, causing him to moan and thrust his hips forward. You move out of the way, and he pouts at you.

"Tease," He states, but begins to smile as you pull him towards your bedroom.

Within ten seconds of entering your room Chris' clothes seem to disappear and you've been striped down to your boxers, laying on your back as Chris trails his fingers up your sides, kissing and nipping your stomach. His cold hands and your overly ticklish stomach makes you giggle with every movement he makes, causing Chris to lift his head from your belly button and smile at you. You smile back at him, pulling him up to kiss you.

"Forrest," He whispers, swallowing the lump in his throat," I think-I think I ready."

You pause, your jaw dropping and your eyes going wide. You've never expected to hear those words; not from Chris anyway. You know Chris' never been with a guy completely, making his statement mean even more then it should.

Chris wants you to be his first.

Sure, you two have messed around a lot, but you've never actually have sex. Everytime you two came close he would blush and say he wasn't ready before mumbling an apology. You always shook your head at him and told him not to worry about it. He wasn't ready he wasn't ready.

But this... this was... yeah. Wow.

If it made you speechless, it must mean something, right?

You nod at him before flipping him on his back. You dig through your bedside table to find some sort of lubricant as he stares at you, slowly touching himself. It takes all your will power to not stare at him, instead just grabbing a random bottle of something (is it okay if you use scented lotion?) and resting yourself in between his legs, kissing him softly. He smiles and bites his lip as you lift his legs, your now lotion covered fingers searching for his opening.

He gasps softly when you press a finger inside of him, arching his back and closing his eyes. You add another finger and he shivers, pressing himself back down on the digits as you stretch him. You smile and remove your fingers, causing him to whine.

"Foooooorrrrrreeesssstttt..." He complains, scrunching his nose up and pouting.

So Cute.

You shush him before pressing yourself inside of him. He gasps and claws at your back, his eyes glazing over as you begin to move inside of him. You bury your face in his neck and nip at the skin there.

"This better?" You ask him lazily, angling yourself so you hit his prostate. He gasps and nods, his back arching off the bed just enough so you can slip your hands underneath him.

"Holy fucking shit Forrest," He moans,"why did I wait so long..."

You laugh and let one of your hands moves from his back to trail up his inner thigh before finally taking hold of him, giving his cock a few strokes. His eyes shoot open and he moans loudly, coming in your hand. You continue to thrust in and out of him, shuddering when he tightens around you, before coming deep inside of him, moaning his name.

You lay down next to him, completely exhausted from the days activities. Chris lays his head on your shoulder, smirking adorably at you.

"I did okay, right?"

You laugh and kiss his forehead,"better then okay, babe. I was surprised, actually." He just rolled his eyes at you.

"It's nice to know you have faith in my abilities to have you put something up my ass, love."

You smile and laugh softly, your eyes closing," I love you." You would make a kissy face at him, but your tired and the sheets are really, really soft and warm, and having him curled up beside you completely naked doesn't make it any better. You also know that if someone decided to stop by right now, you'd have a lot of explaining to do since there's a naked 17 year old in your bed and you're 21 and it's only a four year age difference but it's still illegal and- Brain. Shut. Up.

You cuddle into his side and start to drift off, thankful that for once in your life your brain listens.


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